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“Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want – we will help you to get the result you dreamed of.”
Mohammed Azarudeen

Founder / Managing Director

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From Sketch to Kitchen

our vision is to build a holistic platform for HoReCa industry owners for all their requirements.
Looking to setup a new kitchen, buy any local or international brand equipment, procure kitchen supplies, require licensing or financing support, after-sales services, etc.
We have a PAN-India presence with our partner manufacturers spread across 50+ cities to provide new kitchen setup services, kitchen equipment and long-term after sales services. We have completed various commercial kitchen projects including Restaurant Kitchen, Café Shops, Hotel Kitchen, Hospital Kitchen, College Canteen, Office Canteen, Co Working Space Kitchen, etc.

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Customized Design & Planning

Ready to become a HOtel/REstaurant/CAfé owner?

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Your Kitchen is the heart of your restaurant. The way you erect your commercial kitchen makes or breaks your operations and the future growth of your eatery. Whether you are building a restaurant from scratch or in a need to renovate your current design, Arete helps experienced and inexperienced HoReCa owners setup an efficient commercial kitchen meeting quality and compliance. We guarantee you the best possible solution for your holistic needs from tailor-made commercial kitchen, buying any local or international brand equipment, procuring kitchen supplies, licensing or financing support, after-sales services and more.


What Can We Offer

Design and setup consultancy

We will help you to get the result you dreamed of designs.

Equipment Procurement

Apart from design and setup we procure Equipments that suits toyour need

Project Management

We handle small to huge volumeprojects

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At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the right way..

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If you are already a part of the restaurant business or will shortly become a part of it you must be aware of the fact that the way you set up your commercial kitchen has a notable impact on the operations and the possible growth of any eatery. A successful commercial kitchen set up includes a thorough understanding and decision making to get the best value for the money invested. When you choose Arete, you will not have to take any stress when it comes to setting up and seeing to the regular maintenance (or repairs) of your commercial kitchen. By our kitchen set up process, we help experienced and inexperienced HoReCa owners in setting up a productive commercial kitchen. In the past decennium we have been associated with HoReCa industry owners owning potential Forbes list restaurants. Arete has always been their choice for a customized commercial kitchen solution.

Here are a few reasons why you should handpick Arête
Tailor-made kitchen solutions
Action – orientated approach
Strive for Excellence
In touch with the latest developments
Cost – Effective
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Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper

[ Finance Manager ]
Olivia Peterson

Olivia Peterson

[ CEO of Company ]
Amalia Bruno

Amalia Bruno

[ Interior Designer ]
Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle

[ Interior Designer ]
Andrew Kinzer

Andrew Kinzer

[ CEO of Company ]
Anna Richmond

Anna Richmond

[ Marketing Manager ]
Christina Torres

Christina Torres

[ Company Founder ]
Jesica Lina

Jesica Lina

[ Marketing Manager ]
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Brief Answers to your Big Questions

Kitchen consulting includes planning and designing your commercial kitchen including material fabrication and installation in accordance with the operational needs and costing.

We are experts in Licensing and Financing , Commissary kitchens, Finishing kitchens, Cold kitchens, Equipment fabrication and installation, Cold Storage, Dishwashing, wall cladding, Repair and servicing AMC and vertical and horizontal service movements.

Menu engineering is about maximizing profitability by promoting your most profitable menu items and encouraging  customers to buy what you want them to buy.

  • Focus on a concept.
  • Right Location
  • Lower your fixed cost
  • Committed and competent team
  • Licenses, registrations and certificates

Marketing and Quality Control

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